Foster with Kibble | Generous Foster Pay, Training & Allowances

About Us

Our team pride ourselves on being a ‘fostering family’. Made up of incredible children and young people, and a friendly and professional care team that includes our invaluable foster carers. 

Given the specialist work undertaken by our carers and care team, professional supervision and support are essential; as our children have the highest numbers of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and previous placement breakdowns. We train together, make plans for our service together and can provide continuity due to high carer and worker retention rates. Carers also receive the highest remuneration rates in the country; providing long-term continuity and stability for the most vulnerable children within a supportive professional family.

Family Placement Supervisors

Family Placement Supervisors are experienced social workers, who have high levels of practice skills and knowledge.  They provide direct support and supervision to foster families.

Child and Youth Care Workers

Child and Youth Care Workers provide direct practical and emotional support to young people.  Workers have a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experience to allow them to meet the individual needs of young people and foster carers they live with.