Chasing the Eye of the Storm - Kibble fostering

Chasing the Eye of the Storm

One thing that this year has shown us, is just how much fun can be had from being outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer. For one young lad, Nathan, the recent heavy rain and stormy seas were the catalyst for a great, memorable day out with his key worker Jim.

With many shops, cinemas and activities closed, deciding on how to spend a rainy day can be a challenge. So last month when Jim suggested to Nathan that they headed to a local beach to see the rainstorm in its full glory from the safety of the promenade, Nathan was game! In fact, Nathan was excited as he proclaimed that “He’d never seen a real storm before”. At Kibble, we place a real emphasis on creating positive childhood memories from everyday moments. Every opportunity is a chance to learn, grow and experience new things, and our key workers go the extra mile to create these precious moments.

As the rain pelted down, Nathan and Jim ran along the promenade alongside dog walkers and others that were out embracing the storm, getting soaked, windswept and happy! The fresh and salty sea air whipped up, the waves crashed onto the shore and Nathan and Jim ran into the direction of the wind enjoying every moment, laughing and exhilarated by the experience.

As they headed back to the car, Nathan proclaimed that it had been “the best day”. With the heating ramped up full to dry their anoraks and warm their cold hands, they made their way to get a hot chocolate before heading back for dry clothes and the comfort of home.

What made the day even more fun was the fact that it hadn’t been planned! Nathan and Jim just ‘literally’ went where the wind took them and it is a day that both Nathan and Jim will never forget. Jim has been a key worker at Kibble for several years and his exuberant, kind and compassionate nature lifts everyone’s spirits, not just the children he supports. We look forward to hearing of future adventures between this daring duo.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the young person