Becoming a Foster Carer has Been a Dream Come True

Becoming a Foster Carer has Been a Dream Come True

We are all learning each day and are always there to support each other in any way we need.

Foster carers are often portrayed as being one type of person, however, in fact they come from different walks of life, bringing with them a range of versatile skills and qualities which can help improve the life of young people.

Kibble foster carers Martin (30) and wife, Fran (34), always wanted children, however, when they realised the high number of children and young people in need of a safe and loving home, they decided to look into fostering.

Following extensive training with our Intensive Fostering Service, the young couple followed their hearts to become full-time carers to a young person. Having begun their journey during the pandemic, Martin and Fran were over the moon to welcome a teenage girl into their family in January and haven’t looked back since.

Martin talks about why being a young male has made him the ideal foster carer for a young person.

Martin said: “People are often quite surprised to hear that we are foster carers because we are both in our early thirties, but they are always more surprised to hear that I am the primary carer over my wife, Fran.

“We always wanted to be parents, and when we decided to foster, we knew this was would come with its own challenges, but I have been blown away by how fantastic it has been to become a dad to a young person. The bond we have forged between the three of us is a dream come true.

“As soon as we all met, even over Zoom during the pandemic, we just felt at ease. Of course, there are challenges, and we all have our good days and our bad days, but what family doesn’t? I think one of the advantages of being younger than what people expect of a foster carer is that we find it easy to relate to each other. I remember what it was like to be that age, so I am able to try and put myself in their shoes and take the time to truly consider how they feel.

“A large part of this understanding comes through the open conversations we share together. Fran and I are very open people which has helped create a sense of trust between us all, we know we can have an honest conversation about anything – we are all learning each day and are always there to support each other in any way we need.

“This level of trust has led to some amazing moments which I will never forget. Cooking a meal together, tending to our horses, the first night away from each other which made us realise how much the young person is the final piece of our family’s jigsaw. But probably, the most standout moment was when it was decided amongst ourselves that we are a family the same as any other and so now, are mum, dad and child.

“There are so many people out there with the skills required for being a foster carer, they just don’t realise these qualities are transferrable to working with young people. If you have the drive to help someone transform their life, the understanding to see life from a different perspective and the drive to support and care for others, you are made for it.

“No matter what stage of life you’re at yourself, these things are the only things that truly matter. The team at Kibble will equip and support you at every turn, you just need to take the step.”