Willow’s School Club

In February this year, Willow bravely started a brand-new primary school with her little brother Callum. This was a huge challenge for any eleven-year-old girl, but for Willow this new start also coincided with living with her new foster family in a new area. But the vivacious, kind and confident Willow took it all in her stride and was even inspired to create a new school club where other children in foster care or unable to live at home, could meet up every week and have fun.  

Willow saw the group as a great way to meet new friends and create a space where others with shared experiences could connect. She approached her headteacher with her idea and voila… within the next week the group was in place with six enthusiastic young recruits.

The group, which is comprised of Willow, Max, Arianna, Andrea, Percy and Jack, meet every Friday after lunch and enjoy a variety of games, activities and events. Over the weeks they’ve become firm friends and recently enjoyed a day out Pony Trekking at a local farm, inspired by Willow’s love of horses. Here, they got to go hacking, brush and feed the ponies which was an amazing experience for all of the children. Weather dependent, they often head to the park and play games. The group has been a great way for the children to enjoy new experiences and they always make sure that everyone gets a chance to suggest a new event or activity.

Willow is a fantastic friend, group leader and shows a real entrepreneurial spirit. She always goes out of her way to make others in the group to feel welcome and encourages everyone to get involved. When Willow first casually mentioned her involvement in the group to her key worker Laura, Willow shrugged it off as no big deal. But for Laura, this really was incredible. Little did she realise that her initiative would help new friendships blossom, whilst creating a space for other children with similar experiences to relate.

Everyone that is lucky enough to know Willow from her foster family, friends and teachers are so proud of her and what she is achieving every day.  Whether Willow grows up to be an equine expert or entrepreneur, with her ambition and kind-hearted spirit the sky really is the limit!

“I love meeting new friends and being part of something”.